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Watch this video and more on Ski with Nina

Watch this video and more on Ski with Nina

Ski Fitness Training Program

Home Workout Nr. 3

1m 39s

Up Next in Ski Fitness Training Month Nr. 3

  • Home Workout Nr. 4

    What to do:
    15 min WARM UP (running, rope skipping, biking)
    WORK OUT SESSION - I did every exercise for 30 seconds
    3 - 5 series, if you are motivated to 8 - 10 series
    15 min COOL DOWN (no stretching)

  • Coordination Workout with Black Roll

    Coordination Workout
    Welcome to the place to play around. :)

    Today we focus on coordination because, in skiing, coordination, especially in the ankle joints and the small muscles around (stabilising the joints), is very much needed. So we strengthen them through coordination exercise, helpp av...

  • Coordination Stairs Workout

    I know it can be challenging, but don't stop - you can do it! I believe in you.

    5 min WARM-UP ideally Black Roll
    3 - 4 series each 10 - 12 times or 30 sec. one exercise / or per side
    5 min COOL DOWN

    You will love me again after the workout. :) 

    Skiers hugs